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Hey, You

It's great to be back!


Celebrate a new chapter in my music making journey with me as I release my 2nd EP: A collection of acoustic-ballad songs, each their own narrative, but coming together takes you back through all of the things that were left unsaid.

Unpack the memories, secrets, and confessions that we've kept to ourselves. Relive the risks that we took (or didn't take,) and find sympathy and comfort in this record of longing for what could have been.

Announcement Video

Official Teaser

Learn more about what's to come when you follow updates on #PickYourHeartbreakEP

A full sampler of Pick Your Heartbreak!

Listening Party

The premiere video of Pick Your Heartbreak. Complete with lyrics, timestamps, and live chat replay!

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Tangerines (feat. Erin Lee) ♡ Even If I Tried ♡ S'okay

♡ For You (Reimagined) ♡ Use Me ♡ Varsity Crush

PFP 3.jpg


The 1st single.

I chose this song as the 1st single because it's short, bittersweet, and a great way to hype up the record without giving too much away!

Ever since I wrote this song back in 2018, I instantly knew I wanted to produce a studio version of it. Now that it's here, I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I've enjoyed making it!

Varsity Crush

The 2nd single.

This song is an ode to my younger self and to all the all-girl high school sapphics out there that need to be seen. I hear you and you are valid!

Is there anyone that comes to mind when you think "Varsity Crush"?




Thank you, Friend, for choosing to feel with me once again. It has been far too long, and whether you're a new listener, or have been with me through the many years I've been making music, your presence here makes me feel so safe and loved.

If you'd like to share with me any thoughts and reactions about the EP, let me find you easier by using the hashtags #PixieEP2 and #PickYourHeartbreakEP in your posts.

See you soon!

With Love,


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