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Filipino solo singer-songwriter and producer Pixie Labrador challenges the underrepresentation of sapphic OPM in the media with her honest and sincere ballads of queer love and heartbreak.

From the age of 15, Pixie has organically grown audiences from all over The Philippines with her distinguishable style of music that is simple but lyrical, tranquil yet heart-wrenching, melancholic but comforting, and overflowing with deep thought. In the same way, Pixie’s live performances are nothing less than entrancing. Wielding a voice that is as sweet as it is powerful, Pixie's steady development from small YouTuber to Mynila's "queer music maker you should prioritize" has become a source of hope and inspiration for many bedroom musicians. And, as an open lesbian artist, Pixie's music reaches out to those who still remain in the closet, comforting them with dreamy melodies that allow them to feel and share all of life's moments together through song.


Pixie has struck several milestones in her career all the while staying true to her independence as an artist. In October 2018, her debut single “What’s It Like” garnered over one million streams, hitting #8 on Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 playlist. Three years later, her first original duet “You Are” featuring Erin Lee quickly surpassed that number with a whopping three million all-time streams before the song’s first anniversary, making it Pixie’s most popular track to date.

Pixie’s unique style of writing and branding have gotten her featured in several interviews with local platforms, such as Outrage Magazine, Alpas Youth Organization, and DZUP 1602, among others. Additionally, her expertise in her field has landed her several opportunities to host songwriting webinars and workshops, as well as the chance to guest at the events of notable Philippine-based organizations, such as Metro Manila Pride, Philippine Normal University’s Center for Gender and Development, UP Babaylan, Love Yourself PH, and spoken word collective Words Anonymous.

Art From Art

Pixie has earned numerous comparisons to her biggest influence in writing: British singer-songwriter Dodie Clark (dodie), due to lyrics that are real and raw, and touch on themes relating to sexuality and mental health. With an interest in musical theater, Pixie also draws inspiration from the soundtracks of such—more specifically from composers Pasek and Paul (Dear Even Hansen and The Greatest Showman), Stephen Schwarts (Wicked), and even pop singing sensation Sara Bareilles (Waitress)—due to their music’s complexity and unconventionality that always keeps their audiences eagerly anticipating more.


In March 2017—right before graduating high school—Pixie released her fully self-produced debut EP entitled Does It Hurt, which features her first published original songs on YouTube. The record delves into the various firsts in her romantic life as a lesbian, and the struggle to understand the value of self-love. On the night of her EP launch, Pixie also debuted “What’s It Like," which received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. As a result, it quickly became her most streamed song shortly after its online release.


In July 2018, her single “Use Me” became yet another fan favorite due to its unexpected “dark” shift in tone while still being faithful to Pixie’s signature sound. “You Are,” on the other hand, took a full turn around and refreshed her listeners with a passionate acoustic-ballad that showcased the happiness of loving and being loved, as an ode to her former partner.

In July 2021, Pixie graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde with a bachelor's degree in Music Production. It was then that she also released her sophomore EP "Pick Your Heartbreak", which she submitted as her thesis project, and was marked with a grade of 4.0. The EP includes pop single "Varsity Crush", as well as re-recorded songs from her college YouTube days: "For You - Reimagined" and "S'okay."

With all these things combined, Pixie’s entire discography is definitely a whole whirlwind of emotions, but still stay true to one common theme: Embracing and accepting feelings, whether it be for the good or the bad.

Pixie constantly accepts the task of writing music that is personal just as much as it caters to a diverse audience.

While her music is based on her own life, her intimate lyricism and emotion-driven tunes bring homeliness to the table; it is a shoulder to cry on, a friend who will listen. It will take you into those memories as if you were there to experience them yourself—whether that be the breakup, the healing process, or the chance encounter of falling in love all over again.


Due to her shameless representation of queer experiences in her music, Pixie has been regarded as a notable musician among the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community. And, with her music elevating the normalization of queer protagonists in art, Pixie firmly stands by her platform in support of the continuous fight for equality.

Pixie's latest single "Fire (You Are Reimagined)" is streaming now on all digital platforms.



Pixie Labrador, 0949 880 2710


Need a printable version of Pixie's electronic press kit? Download the PDF here.
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