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*As a woman of many hobbies and interests, Pixie is taking on other side projects that she is just as passionate about*

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From her love of crochet at a young age, Pixie launched this small business in October 2020, fully and independently operated by her. She specializes in custom pet/animal stuffed toys, but also occasionally accepts commissions for smaller items such as keychains and jewelry. Pixie wishes to expand her catalogue as she is currently exploring crochet to make custom apparel.

You can order your very own custom handmade goodies through any of Loops Lab's social media channels.

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Australian Fairy Bread

Take your support to the next level by becoming an official member of The Pixie Dust Collective: An all access pass to exclusive content and perks! Pledge to be a Song Sprite, Fairy Scout, or Brownie Ambassador, and help Pixie get closer to reaching her creative goals.


Perks include:

> Exclusive behind-the-scenes content of past and future projects

> First access to brand new releases before they go public
> Physical rewards like exclusive merch and giveaways

> And so, so much more!



Pixie Labrador, 0949 880 2710


Need a printable version of Pixie's electronic press kit? Download the PDF here.
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